Component Architect and Component Architect Pro are Free Open Source Software. In this context, "free" refers to the freedom to copy and re-use the software, and not to the price of the software. Basically, you are allowed to use it in any way you like, for as long as you like, on as many systems as you like.

We use the GNU General Public License (version 3.0), which gives you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the software. Any developers who try to restrict these freedoms are not complying with the GPL and cannot advertise their extensions on the Joomla! Extensions Directory. There is more information about that here.

The only thing we ask of you is that you do not make our paid for works publicly available for free download. That would severely reduce our ability to sell them, which would destroy our incentive to continue to develop and support them. That would help no-one. So far, this arrangement appears to be generally understood and respected for Free Open Source Software.

We believe in Free Open Source Software and the community around it so we promise that Component Architect and Component Architect Pro for Joomla!:

  • Will remain downloadable Joomla! extensions with no encryption, host links or host files that require to be connected to.
  • Will remain Free Open Source Software (GPL 3.0 or later)
  • All code templates developed by us will remain Free Open Source Software (GPL 3.0 or later)
  • All components/extensions generated from our supplied code templates are required to be Free Open Source Software (GPL 3.0 or later)

Acceptance of the software license

By downloading and/or installing our software on any site you explicitly agree to the terms of this license, GNU General Public License version 3 or, at your choice, any later version published by the Free Software Foundation 


We are allowed to apply copyright to our documentation and to restrict your rights to copy, duplicate, or redistribute it. Any such copyright will be clearly specified in the documentation it self. Please respect the copyright of our documentation.

In this context 'documentation' refers to all online help or documents, pdf files such as User guides etc and any media files (inlcuding video, audio and images) that we may develop and provide for training and promotion.

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