Component Definitions - Enhancements

The component definitions provide the necessary functionality for generating components that will follow the standard Joomla! core components, but as new requirements are identified for enhanced Pro code templates or new code templates then changes will be required to the functionality of component definitions. The majority of such enhancements will only ever be applicable to the Pro version of Component Architect.  The functionality in the free product already provides what is needed to generate basic Joomla! components, and new functionality will be added only to meet additional features added to later releases of Joomla!'s core components

Examples of potential enhancements:

  • Support for more flexible and wider variety of generation parameters to allow for non Joomla! functionality or non-Joomla! applications.
  • Delete and ordering of child records within a record view, for example when viewing an object/table then currently you can add and edit fieldsets and fields but not trash/delete them nor re-order them.
  • Better support for languages, which can be specified now but not utilised in component generation. For the moment users should only use English as the language for component definitions.  You can still manually translate the language files for your component after the en-GB versions have been generated.
  • Import of tables and fields from SQL
  • Import of full component/extensions from existing Joomla! components - this would work with MVC standard components to look at all form xml files to determine the objects/tables, fieldsets and fields for the component/extension
  • Export/Import function for component definitions so they can easily be shared.
  • A validator for Code Templates which can be run prior to component generation to check for syntax and logic errors in the code.

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